We're Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Our Clients Grow!

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Red Egg Fun Fact

Our crazy talented web developer, Jacob, eats one thing and one thing only for lunch every day—Crockspot! Our nextdoor neighbors serve up a ton of delicious bowls. Jacob’s favorite Crockspot meal is the Salt n’ Pepa bowl.

Fast Fact

Angie, our rockstar Account Manager, has been with Red Egg for 4 years now. How cool is that?

Fast Fact

Delaney picks up trash in her neighborhood when she walks her dog. This inspired Red Egg to pick up trash in our neighborhood as a service project. In just a few hours we cleaned up over 50lbs of trash!

Red Egg picks up trash in the neighborhood near our office

Red Egg Tradition

Every holiday season Red Egg has hosted a Food drive for Sunnyside’s very own Bienvenidos Food Bank. It starts up every year in around November, so keep an eye out if you’d be interested in working with us to give back to our amazing community!

Humble Beginnings

The first Red Egg Marketing office had its own fireplace!

Did You Know?

Ryan enjoys an Aiko pop from one of Red Egg's first clients

One of our very first clients sold popsicles. With Red Egg’s help, their popsicle cart business turned into a full-fledged restaurant down on South Pearl Street.

Did You Know?

One of our clients stuck a cupcake in Ryan’s eye. Do you want to see?

Heck Yes

Growth Minded

In 2018, Red Egg Marketing had 4 team members. Now, our team has grown to 7!

Blast From the Past

The first Red Egg office

While it isn’t as glamorous as garage startups, this spare bedroom was the place where the first groundbreaking ideas were hatched!

Real Talk

Dwight from the Office it's true gif

As of today, we have over 30 clients that we work with on a consistent basis, and we’ve built and manage over 60 websites.